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​​I'm Ready to Lose Weight This Year: Where Do I Start?

​​I'm Ready to Lose Weight This Year: Where Do I Start?

If you’re ready to make good on your wellness goals, the new year is the perfect time to begin. Changing your diet and fitness routine is never an easy task. However, with a little planning and assistance from medical weight loss specialist Andrea C. Beavers, PA-C and our knowledgeable team at Star Treatment Healthcare Services and Med Spa in Dallas, Texas, you can lose weight and make 2023 your healthiest year yet.

Pay attention to mindless eating

One of the first steps in taking control of your eating habits is to curb mindless eating and snacking between meals. Instead, use your intuition to better understand whether you’re truly hungry or simply grabbing that treat out of boredom or frustration. Snacking needlessly adds calories that can really sabotage your weight loss efforts. Before you reach out for that salty or sugary snack, Mrs. Beavers suggests:

  1. Craving something crunchy? Munch on carrot sticks instead of fattening potato chips.
  2. Slow down. Give your stomach time to notice it’s full.
  3. Don’t buy in bulk. Buying too much food, although economical, encourages overeating.

While your work or lifestyle may benefit from multitasking, your diet won’t. Don’t eat while driving, working, or focusing on anything other than the taste and texture of the meal in front of you. You’ll be more apt to enjoy your food more and eat less. 

Stay active

Exercise not only burns calories, it produces happy-hormones known as endorphins. Working out regularly also:

Regular exercise not only helps take off unwanted pounds, it keeps them off over the long run. Mrs. Beavers recommends making workouts fun rather than a chore. Choose activities you enjoy, such as taking brisk walks to the park or engaging in your favorite sports. Any physical activity helps. Walk up stairs instead of using an elevator or take the dog on a hike. Consider lifting weights, as well, which increases muscle mass, reduces fat, and even guards against osteoporosis.

Keep a journal

Start a journal noting not only what you eat, but also how you feel before and after to better understand the emotions that prompt hunger. Many of us use food to calm us down in times of stress or jolt us when we feel sluggish. Mrs. Beavers helps you address these issues and make healthier choices.

You snooze, you lose

It may sound counterintuitive, but the longer you sleep, the easier it is to lose unwanted pounds. Adults should get, on average, eight hours of sleep each night. When we don’t get adequate rest, we tend to crave more sweet and/or salty foods. Our hormones play into this endless cycle, as well. Ghrelin, a hormone that initiates hunger, increases when we’re sleep deprived, while leptin, which suppresses our desire for food, wanes. Plus, when we’re rested, we simply make better choices. It’s a win-win situation.

Consider a medical weight loss plan

If you need help reaching your goals, reach out to Mrs. Beavers. She’ll put you on a customized medical weight loss plan you can stick with. During your initial visit, Mrs. Beavers:

  1. Discusses your medical history
  2. Performs a routine physical with lab work
  3. Reviews your current eating habits and exercise routine

She also goes over any physical or emotional issues that make it more difficult to lose weight or maintain your ideal weight. 

New year, new you

There’s no perfect one-size-fits-all eating and fitness plan. If you’re ready to lose weight and develop healthier habits, contact Andrea C. Beavers, PA-C and our caring team to customize a weight loss plan that’s right for you at Star Treatment Healthcare Services and Med Spa to schedule an appointment today.

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