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Understanding Why A Medical Weight Loss Program Could Be Your Best Option

Understanding Why A Medical Weight Loss Program Could Be Your Best Option

For many of us, food provides a source of solace in our stressful day-to-day lives. However, when that continual comfort turns into constant cravings, our health may suffer. Let Andrea C. Beavers, PA-C help you on your journey toward better health with our supervised medical weight loss program at Star Treatment Healthcare Services and Med Spa in Dallas, Texas.

Find the weigh to better health

If you live to eat rather than eat to live, it may be time for a change. Excess calories add up as cravings for sugar, carbs, and other less nutritious foods careen you into an unhealthy, weight-gaining cycle. Break free with our doctor-supervised weight loss program and really start to live.

Mrs. Beavers gives you the tools to shed extra pounds and keep them off with a program tailored to your specific needs. She transforms your lifestyle, decreasing such health risks as:

Experts suggest a weight-loss goal of up to 10% over six months. Losing weight might not be a piece of cake, but with effort, patience, and guidance, it’s surely attainable.

Our customized weight loss program

Mrs. Beavers discusses your weight loss goals and performs a thorough physical exam. She goes over your current eating habits to pinpoint small changes that could make a big difference. She also reviews:

  1. Your medical history
  2. Blood tests
  3. Exercise and sleep routines

We’ll set up regular office visits to discuss your progress, as well as any frustrations that may arise. We’ll also go over our body sculpting options for those hard-to-lose areas. 

Not-so glorious food

Losing weight goes way beyond willpower. Certain foods, such as salt- and sugar-filled treats, are actually designed to hook you. They not only taste great, but release mood-altering dopamine chemicals within your brain to encourage an endless cycle of cravings. We’ll help you break free, showing you how certain conditions, such as stress, actually alter your physiology. Stress blocks your adrenal glands’ sodium regulation, increasing salt cravings. Low blood sugar levels, on the other hand, could elicit a desire for sugar. Mrs. Beavers helps you understand these issues, providing lifestyle changes plus suggestions for a healthier diet.

It pays to be accountable

We’re here to provide support and answer all your questions as you travel towards better health. Mrs. Beavers counsels you about:

We’ll help you adopt healthy habits that last a lifetime, such as:

Keep hunger-hormone ghrelin levels low 

This gut hormone increases hunger to keep our bodies from starving. The gut-gremlin also sabotages too-strict diets. Mrs. Beavers offers certain suggestions to keep it at bay.


Insufficient sleep ignites ghrelin production.

Build muscle mass 

Certain exercises develop muscle mass, which lowers ghrelin levels.

Eat a high-protein breakfast 

Protein stabilizes ghrelin levels to ward off cravings.

We’ll offer ways, from exercise routines to improved sleep habits, to increase your leptin levels, the hormone that signals fullness.

The weight is over

You didn’t gain weight overnight, so give yourself time to lose it. Together, through nutritional guidance and behavioral therapy, we’ll make it happen. When you’re ready to incorporate healthy eating habits and lifestyle adjustments that support long-term changes, contact our caring team to schedule an appointment. Get on the road to weight loss with Star Treatment Healthcare Services and Med Spa today. 

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